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I am going out of town for three days and I am bummed because I am really grooving on working on some crafts. I got the outside of my tin done for the Altoid Tin Swap. I need to figure out how to do the inside still. I got all of my postcards done for the Random Acts of Strangeness done. I have one of my ATCs half done -- I am hoping to work on those while I am away. We still haven't gotten our PIMP MY USERNAME swap partners :( This is the swap I am worried the most about -- I want to get it done and mailed out before I move. Sigh -- moving -- I am going to be loosing my crafting space as I down size DRASTICALLY. La sigh. Also, my new sewing machine isn't in yet!!!!!!!!! It's been like 3 weeks! I need to get this duvet' cover I promised a friend done before I move AND I need to get this huge canvas collage done before I move so I don't have to move the canvas and stuff. I am a little overloaded with the craftiness right now! But it's my own fault. I want to make this shirt I got a pattern for -- it's cute and summer-y. I don't ever seem to get to craft for myself. Such is life.

I don't know how I feel about the 5 swap limit Craftster just started -- I am in a 6 month swap right now so that counts for one -- then I like to do the paper swaps which really don't take too much time -- I usually limit myself to 2 craft swaps a month -- then add little ones like CD swaps or ATC swaps to have something to do when I get blocked. I guess it's a good idea to limit flaking, but it kinda cramps my style. BUT didn't I just complain I never craft for myself? I guess I will shut up then ;)

Signing off for now -- Savor the flavor and drink the blue kool-aide


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