Do You Know How To Paint?

This is the first question posed to me this AM here in Richmond. Do You Know How To Paint? To which I answered -- HELLS YES! SO I painted a few 300 year old windows today -- got to stand on a scafold (spelling) which was really cool. I got in a debate at a construction site with the carpenter about the pitch of the roof -- I was right :) but then got stung by a wasp -- owie.

I got my PIMP MY CRAFTSTER NAME partner -- Pope Onna Rope. Love the name -- the ideas are flowing on what I am going to do for her.

I love being out at the park. Kelsey and I are chillin at the house. When it gets dark we are going to go to the log cabin work site and dumpster dive some slate they were taking off the roof! It's like slate from 1800 and they are going to throw it away!!!! Brandon is out for the evening -- he and his buddies went to go see the Black Crows -- he is 20 -- he thinks the Crows are orginal -- that makes me sad ;) Anyways, it's been a good first day out here. I can't wait to get into a park myself!

Signing off -- savor the flavor and drink the blue kool-aide.


Anonymous beth said...

I need help getting the infamous goo for capsters off something . Do you know what it is made of? Please help me. Waukwoman@wi.rr.com

7:13:00 PM  

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