The Great One

The third and final park in my tour-de-alaska was Denali National Park and Preserve. I was up there doing some business related to my job. It was a heavy work week; however, we kicked so much butt on Monday and Tuesday we got to go out all day on Wednesday on the park road. We made it all the way to Wonder Lake. We saw the big five - wolves, moose, dall sheep, caribou and bears. We also saw one crazy lynx trying to stalk a caribou. This is my second lynx in two weeks! They are really hard to spot.

Another miracles of miracles -- the mountain was clear and out all day long! This doesn't happen often. In fact, only an average of three days in August! We were very very fortunate. Thursday and Friday it rained and rained -- if we didn't take the mid-week break we would have missed it!

On Friday, we ventured to Talkeenta where the climbing is staged.

Over all it was a hard week, but very productive. I am extremely happy with the work that was done and our little adventure. If you would like to learn more about Denali National Park and Preserve click here:Tallest Peaks in North America and With Some Explain' the World!

Again, here are my uncut uncaptioned photo and work photos included for your added bonus!

Until Next time- Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.


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