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So it's the end of 2008. Thank goodness! What a rough year -- come on 2009! There are lots of pictures this post...more of my house decorated, Christmas cookies, pies, craftiness and MOOSE! The only thing I didn't get to document by photo was my first time cross country skiing or XC Ski for those who are cool. I really dug XC skiing. It felt really good -- it was very meditative, great exercise and cheap! Once I get my own ski's ;)


The forecast:
Monday HIGH 9°F LOW -9°F
Tuesday HIGH 0°F LOW -9°F
Wednesday HIGH 4°F LOW -8°F
Thursday HIGH 5°F LOW -7°F
Friday HIGH 6°F LOW -4°F

Why why why for the love of god why can I count all the degrees for highs on two hands?????

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great end of the year and holidays. I will see all y'all in DC in a mere 25 days! WOOhoo.

Here are some pictures:

Until 2009 -- Savor the Flavor and drink the blue kool-aide!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss you so much I looked up flights, then I looked at how cold it is in your pictures and the one you sent me so I've changed my mind.

10:48:00 AM  
Blogger sonicblue said...

I don't blame you -- I was looking for flights out of this ice box! Love ya and miss ya!


10:52:00 AM  

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