T'was the Night Before the Election and All Through the Pub

People were shouting and cheering and eating some grub. The Redskins were down the Stealers in control...and I was happily licking the bottom of a brownie bowl.

All the patrons were hoping the raffle tickets would bring them luck...I was going to have a smoke when the blinding light struck!

From the doorway arose such a clatter, I stood on my bar stool to see what was the matter. Away from the door way the news reporter moved, to reveal a living legend and his happy little brood.

Okay..I can't do this anymore...you got three stanza's out of me :o)

So last night at Humpy's, Sen. Ted Stevens came into watch a little of the game and to shake hands! As you may or may not know Sen. Stevens is the one just found guilty of 7 felony charges...yes, he is still running for re-election. For more on Sen. Steven click here: The Marion Barry of Alaska

After the smoke cleared, I heard the lady next to me say holy crap! Apparently, the other Senator from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski came into the bar too! It was like the Senate floor in there! Lisa was appointed by her father to the Senate after her father left office to become the Governor! For more about Sen. Murkowski click here: Nepotism Worked For Me!

And to finish of the night with a bang....no not another member of Congress...a guy bought me a beer and we had a great conversation....guess where he lives...NOT IN ALASKA! In D.C. I can't win. LOL.

Here is my pavarazzi picture of Sen. Ted Stevens:


Blogger Allison said...

son of a bitch!!!

7:18:00 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

nice poem, too

7:19:00 PM  

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