Anchorage to Denver and Back

Since my last post, I have been to Denver and back. I had a really great training class in Denver. There are two sides to my new job - Collections and Expeditures. I was pretty strong in expeditures, but weak in collections. This class introduced me to the collections side of the program. Now I feel really confident that if I don't know the answer off the top of my head - at least I know where to find the answer. I also meet up with some good friends in Denver. I saw James and Kristina, whom I love dearly. I was in there wedding the past spring. I also got to see Jimmy and Marissa whom I also love dearly! It was a great trip.

I came home to a very snowy Anchorage. People assure me the snow is early, but I am dubious. I spent the weekend hanging out with Kirsten and Nancy. We did some shopping and checked out some local places in Anchorage. When y'all visit I have a GREAT place for brefeast! John, my boss, also invited us to see his son play hockey. It was my first hockey game. It was pretty cool!

Most of last week was spent getting my barings and looking for an apartment. I got my hair dyed and cut. It feels good to at least have a hair dresser! Now I just need a place to live!

I went on Friday to get my temp plates for my car and ended up getting real plates. It's a long story. The DMVs were closed for Alaska day execept for one location. I spent most of my afternoon waiting in line - 5 hours of waiting actually. But at least my plates are up-to-date and on my car.

This week I want to get a down payment put on a place and maybe explore some of the social scene. I will report back next week.

Here are pictures from the last two weeks:

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Until then...Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.


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