Das Boat!

So last Friday I set sail towards Alaska. Actually, when I got on the boat I was offically in Alaska! I was on the boat from Friday, September 26 thru Monday, September 29. We stopped at Ketchican(grossly misspelled), Petersburg and Juneau. The boat trip was a nice rest from the constant driving. The first day I struggled with some sea sickness. Nothing too bad...just slept the rolling of the boat away. That night I met some people in the bar. They were nice enough guys. We proceed to drink too much. We were on the boat...what else was there to do! The next day left me wondering if it was the boat of the rum and cokes that left me a little queazy.

So I basically chilled with this guy I met at the bar and walked around the boat for three days. Here are some pictures!

Until the next post...Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.


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