I am no Jack Kerouac....

(Is it weird to anyone else that I only write on this blog when I am moving???? Anymove...on with show...)

Today was my first exciting day "On the Road" and well....it was pretty non-eventful. I woke up...got in my car....and drove off.

Left West Virginia...now in Chicago.

Welcome to Pennsilvana

Welcome to Ohio

The Gnome examining the map of Ohio

With my trusty Gnome by my side, courtesy of Traycee Tab, I traversed the mid-west. But something bugged me...not that I was talking and singing to a gnome...nah if you know me...you know that doesn't bother me...he did not have a name! For 499 miles, I contemplated, trying to draw inspiration from what was around me. Then at a rest stop in Indiana, the angels sang and a single beam of light rained down from the heavens to illuminate a truck...the truck that would bare his name...

Pacer Stacktrain!

During the day Pacer and I mostly just kinda chillaxed....

Listened to a Romance novel on my iPod and boogied. Though at one exciting point my iPod battery died and I was left wondering if Katie and Boyd were ever going to be in love...Was Anthony her father?!?!?! Pacer agreed with me these questions need to have answers! So in a stroke of genius, I remembered I had this lap top...so I turned it on and plugged my iPod into the lap top. You see I figured I could get through one day on the iPod battery and plug it up every night....well...you see...I was wrong. Figurin' has always been my weak suit. ANYWAYS. In a mere 30 minutes we were again entangled in the story. Tomorrow the exciting conclusion!!!

Another exciting time, I pulled away from the gas pump and forgot to put the cap back on...

But I figured it out not even .1 mile down the road so it was all good.

Okay well I am getting tired...so here are my not so Kerouac-ian enlightenment's for the day...

1. People of the mid-west do not know how to react to a polite, 29 year old woman...with purple hair...

2. Cruise control might just be the best invention man has ever invented

3. 55/65 is not an appropriate speed limit ever!

4. You can actually play Stockholm Syndrome by the Muse too loud -- previously thought impossible

5. There is a place in this country called Michi-ana.

WAIT! You maybe wondering...umm..Cupples/Jamie/James/Red/Little Kid whichever you call me...ummm there are tags for pictures...but no pictures...what gives?

Well my good friends and family...I am on a &R$^#&$# government laptop and they made it so I can not upload any new programs to my computer...including my software for my camera...so I cant get the pictures off the camera and into the computer without having administrative rights. YES, it sucks monkey balls...I agree! I will try and get that corrected tomorrow. Until then....


Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.


Anonymous CTBM said...

Actually I believe the gnome's name was Trax Glabaka..but hey gnomes are like cats..I'm sure he doesn't give a care about a name change. And how the hell do you play Stockholm Syndrome too loud? I'm intrigued

8:37:00 AM  
Blogger Traycee said...

Am I retarded??? Why can't I see the pictures?

11:39:00 AM  

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