Glazing -- Not Just Decopodge Anymore

Today I was up on the scaffolding again, but instead of painting -- I learned how to glaze a window. Glazing a window is adding a putty like substance to wood window frames to hold the pain of glass in the sash. It was way cool! It's an old way of doing things. Bill (the historical rehabilitation specialist) said that carpenters have been doing this technique for 100s of years! And that I was a natural. :) It was a way neat day learning how to do that. I also attended a safety meeting. What did I learn? Drink lots of water, don't get your fingers cut off and don't get stung by bees and wasps. Well I have failed in 2 of the three mandates! I always forget to drink water when I am out in the field-- believe me I pay for it dearly. And then yesterday there was the run in with the wasp.

In other news, I have obtained a few pieces of slate from the construction site last night. Kelsey and I were VERY stealthy ;) I am taking pictures of the house I am staying in and of Kelsey and Brandon. I will post them up when I get home.

Brandon got home today. THE CROWS RAWKED -- apparently. LOL. He broke up with his girlfriend since the last time I was here. He did the right thing doesn't doesn't like her as much as he should. I am proud of him --however--she is not really getting it and is over right now. Oh well.

I think this blog will be cool for y'all and me with my up coming travel. I can kinda keep y'all in the loop. Please comment when I am in Kentucky! I am getting nervous about going.

In crafting news, I did some crazy brainstorming last night for the PIMP swap. It's going to rock if I can pull it off. I will be posting some crafty stuff when I get home as well.

I think I am going to take a nap. I didn't sleep really well last night (surprise, surprise) and was at the shop at 7 AM. I think I could do that ever day if I worked in walking distance to the shop like I do when I am in Richmond. Yeah -- not going to happen in DC right!

Guess I will sign off for today -- savor the flavor and drink the blue kool-aide.


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