The The Great Move, The Great Cave and The Great Fall

Part One: The Great Move

Hi all – Sorry it took so long to update, but I am pretty much technology free here at good ole Mammoth Cave.

The Great Move-

I moved out to Fairfax on Saturday and boy was it eventful!!!! The Friday before I moved I had a flood, a fire and a medical emergency. The flood- Sometimes when I am really sleepy, I forget to turn off my sink while I am in the shower. Most of the time I hear it and run and turn it off – this Friday – well I didn’t hear the facet. Sooooo when I got out of the shower, there was about 1 inch of water all over my bathroom floor because the sink drain is slow and overflowed while I was getting Zestfully clean. I quickly mopped it up with anything I had – dirty towels, dirty sheets, paper towels – anything that would absorb. So with that crisis under control I went about confirming the sales of my table and chairs, couches and bed. All of the buyers I had previously lined up dropped out at the last minute, thus most of my morning was frantic emails to anyone who showed interest plus reposting on Craig’s list. Luckily, I found someone to buy each. The boys who wanted my couches requested to see the couches before purchase. I set up a time for them to stop by and continued on my super ultra packing. Here is where the fire comes in – the boys called from the gate and said they were on their way up. I decided to clean the balcony while waiting for them to get upstairs. I dumped my ash tray into a bag and left it there and swept up a little. As I was returning the broom to the kitchen – flames and smoke caught my eye. THE BAG WAS ON FIRE!!!! I had my sweet tea pitcher soaking in the sink, so I quickly grabbed that and went to fight the conflagration. I stomped the flames out then cooled the cinders (yes there were cinders – this was no little fire) with the water from the pitcher. As I am stomping, I hear my doorbell. The boys had arrived and I am fighting the fire. I run in quickly to open the door to two really really cute guys. A blonde and a brunette. They were very yummy. Anyways, they decided to get the couch so I had a chance to watch them lift heavy stuff and that was rad. The medical emergency – My very good friend Kate had planned to come over that evening and help me wrap up packing and chill. She brought some beer and we were talking and packing and packing and talking. At about 15 til 1 her boyfriend called. He was having bad abdominal pain. We had him call med-line to see if his symptoms were serious enough to warrant a trip to the ER. ANNNNNND they were. Kate had a few beers and I only had one, so I drove Kate out to Fairfax we picked up her boyfriend and took him to the ER. We were there until about 5 AM. We got back to my house at about 6 AM. Kate was very sweet as we took our “naps” before some friends were supposed to come pick up my dressers – she let me sleep an extra 45 minutes while she cleaned up my kitchen. That was so SUPER ULTRA AWESOME of her. The actual move went really well. SUPER THANK YOU SHOUT OUTS go to Kate, Kristina, James, Brett, Terry and Dave for helping me SOOO MUCH. You all rock. Did you ever know that you’re my hero? I had tried really hard all week to get everything organized and ready so the move would go smoothly – and it really did. They had everything out of my apartment in about 1.5 hours. I got to my new apartment and all my boxes where in the living room, so I could put my bed up. We went and grabbed the bed I was buying from Kate and dropped it off at the house. While Kate, Kristina and I went to return the truck, the boys put my bed up, my table together and tried to organize the boxes and move them to where they would go. It was the best moving experience I have had – I owe it all to my great friends. I got most of my things up packed and set up so I don't have to come home from Mammoth to boxes. This brings us to the next part of the saga. Stay tuned for the next installment of this three part blog – The Great Cave


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