Heehee. I loved "That 70s Show"

Today I took off from the land of Oprah and headed to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I got to pass through Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Pacer enjoying a morning bagle

Wisconsin was pretty cool -- The land of Dairy! Unfortunately, I forgot that until I got to Minnesota -- so alas no dairy was had. I don't even really remember seeing any cows. Just a lot of corn -- TONS of corn.

As I was driving, I noticed my iPod was loosing juice at an alarming rate - so I stopped at Walmart and got a car charger/player!

At the Mac and Don's Family restaurant - the drive thru girl thought my hair was cool! Take that Indiana!

Also Wisconsin, I noticed two MORE things --

One: My car was filthy!!!
So I stopped and got my car cleaned!

Two: My freckles are in full force!
So I....ummm...can't do anything about that.

Minnesota was beautiful.

I stopped off right across the state line to look at the Mississippi River. I used to live next to this river, but it looked so different this far up stream. There were some dams and locks up river.

The fields on the side of the road were awesome. Please excuse my lack of agriculture/horticulture-al knowledge, but there were these yellow plants with little red flex. Seas of yellow and green. It was amazing.

Also, I came across a wind mill field. It was rad. The were ultra modern and looked like thewere put there by aliens. This observation could be explained by the late hour in the day however!

I finally crossed over the line to South Dakota around 6:30 PM this evening to stop for the night. I am only about 30 miles in to South Dakota, but have already seen people in prairie garb and a cowboy. yeeehaw!Anyways, I am getting pretty sleepy. Early day tomorrow so I can get to Mt Rushmore!!!! So with out further adieu...

My not so Kerouac-ian observations for today:
1. Taking pictures while driving a car is hazardous -- but fun.
2. The blue tooth thingy is a good invention too.
3. Must remember to not drink so much coffee in the AM as rest stops are getting farther and father apart
4. Great thoughts can be thought when one only has a Gnome to conversate with
5. Driving by yourself does have benefits -- you can sing off key loudly, stop when you want and listen to whatever you want to on the radio.

OH! For those of you waiting for with anticipation....Katie and Boyd DID fall in love...and Anthony was her father-- Scandalous!

Playlist for today:
1. end of romance novel
2. Biffy Clyro -- The Vertigo of Bliss
3. Mixed Good Bye CDs by me and by others
4. The Kooks- Inside In/Inside Out
5. Novel: The Host by Stephanie Meyers to Chapter 4

Okay...sleepy time. Until Next Time..

Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.


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