Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho, and Washington - Oh My

Today I took off from Mammoth Springs in Yellowstone. I woke to frost on my car!!! Also, while I waited for the visitor center to open so I could get my stamp (Yes, Kristen and Justine I have mad stamps now!) a stupid tourist was taking pictures of the elk -- that are in rut. When elk are in rut they are very dangerous. So this idiot gets in his car to watch two bull elk fight for a minute...then they break it up and one starts eating grass near the tourions car...well the dude uses a FLASH at the bull elk -- so the elk takes his big horns and head butts the car!!! It was crazy!!! Dumb tourion! In other news...It was super cold out this AM and I traveled through the famous Roosevelt Arch which if you don't know is an important icon in Park Service culture.

I traveled through the beautiful state of Montana today. My breath was taken away a few times by the absolute enormity of the sky. They don't call it big sky country for nothing!!! I went up and down mountains all day. Then I entered Idaho for a brief period...more of the same with more trees! I could really feel like I was moving into the Pacific Northwest. I crossed over into Pacific Time when I entered Washington State. I settled into my hotel around 330 PST. I started blogging and went to eat dinner. Right now I am pretty tired, but feel a sense of accomplishment as I have finally gotten across the country...all I have to do now is drive across one state!!! Tomorrow is Olympia. I hope to meet up with my friend Allison that lives in Portland. Stay tuned.

Here are they pictures from today:

Non-Kerouacian thoughts:

1. Being in a place that was so big like Montana made me feel very small.

2. I am getting really nervous about living in Anchorage.

3. I think everyone should drive across country at least once in their life.
4. NO speed limit is even better than 75!!!


1. Finally finished The Host by Stephenie Meyer

2. Started on Into the Wild -- might not keep listening to this one right now...it's kinda scaring me.
Until tomorrow -- Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.


Blogger Snugs' mom said...

bitch! You HAD to brag about the stamps, didn't ya? ;-) Beautiful photos. I'm so jealous.

12:43:00 PM  

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