Haines Your Way

Monday, September 29, I got off the boat and traveled the 5 miles to my hotel in Haines, AK. Aaron (the guy I met on the boat) and I headed to the hotel where we both had reservations. We then went to see the "local color" of Haines. We ended up at this bar where we played pool and ate dinner. The hotel was super creepy! I didn't take many photos this day. Above are the few I did take of the super creepy hotel.

Best line over heard in a bar in Alaska: Spoken by a "grizzled" older gentleman, "I don't give one rats ass the color...we alls got cold noses here. Cold nose and working hard is alright by me!" I think I love Alaska.

Until next post...Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue-Kool Aide.


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