My New Digs -- Part One

On Friday, I moved into my new place. Having movers is an odd and awesome experience. It's cool that you don't have to lift anything, but weird because I felt like I wasn't helping or contributing to the effort except to mark off box numbers as they entered the apartment. I was really excited for the week prior to moving in...then once I got there and the movers left...I kinda flipped out and felt really sad. I really live in Alaska now. My bed is here, my sewing machine, my pictures...and me...we are all in Alaska. My friends and family are not in Alaska...and it's Thanksgiving...and my birthday...and Christmas...and New Years.

Don't get me wrong, the people here at work have been super amazing. My boss invited me to have dinner with his family on Friday since he knew I was in box-hell. He also let me have a dresser one of his kids were no longer using. Another co worker has invited me over for Christmas. NPS is really a family and I have a lot of support here...I guess sometimes I am still mourning the life I left. I know once I get my hold here my emotions will change. In fact, I was at Fred Meyers last night (I will have to do a whole blog about Fred Meyers) and was loading my groceries into my car and it felt normal. I know the roads now...I know how to get places...things are getting better. I just have to own it!

ANYWAYS! On a not so depressing note, I have decided to do a series of blogs entitled: My New Digs. It's mostly going to be a pictorial. Part one is my apartment empty. Tonight I will take pictures of it partially unpacked and then the final installment will be when I get everything put together.

I have to go get something to eat then get back to work.....sooooo Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue-Kool Aide.
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Blogger Allison said...

I'm looking forward to your blog about Fred Meyer.
It's like the west coast Kroger, except add Target and Walmart and Kmart...or something. It's weird.

3:42:00 PM  
Blogger sonicblue said...

Yeah right! It's like if Kroger, Target, Kohls and a little Home Depot had a baby!

3:46:00 PM  

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