Happy Happy Joy Joy

So it's the end of 2008. Thank goodness! What a rough year -- come on 2009! There are lots of pictures this post...more of my house decorated, Christmas cookies, pies, craftiness and MOOSE! The only thing I didn't get to document by photo was my first time cross country skiing or XC Ski for those who are cool. I really dug XC skiing. It felt really good -- it was very meditative, great exercise and cheap! Once I get my own ski's ;)


The forecast:
Monday HIGH 9°F LOW -9°F
Tuesday HIGH 0°F LOW -9°F
Wednesday HIGH 4°F LOW -8°F
Thursday HIGH 5°F LOW -7°F
Friday HIGH 6°F LOW -4°F

Why why why for the love of god why can I count all the degrees for highs on two hands?????

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great end of the year and holidays. I will see all y'all in DC in a mere 25 days! WOOhoo.

Here are some pictures:

Until 2009 -- Savor the Flavor and drink the blue kool-aide!


Iammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Thirty!

I don't know if that translates, but it supposed to be read like Molly Shannon does the "Iammmm Fifty" Lady with the movements and everything.

ANYWAYS- SO last week I turned 30. On December 3, I had a chill day. I went to work. The ladies here at work took me to lunch and I had a dessert with a candle in it. It was nice :) I went home and fell asleep on my couch. Ordered greasy food with not consideration of calories (I have been dieting), ate and went back to sleep. Not the most crazy day, but it was the day I wanted. Before you call lame on my day, please note that I had a CRAZY AWESOME birthday party before I left DC that included lots of booze, djs and many friends in attendance.

On Friday, my friend Kristina flew up from Colorado Springs, CO. I know Kristina from kickball in DC and I was in her wedding this past spring. She only came up for the weekend which we found out is WAAAY to short for a trip to Alaska! However, It was a truly great weekend! We went to some great restaurants - Bears Tooth, Snow City Cafe and Oros. We also went to Benihannas which is kind of a birthday tradition for me. Our chief though was kinda lame. We walked around downtown Anchorage and went shopping on Saturday. Saturday night, Kristina helped me hang my shelves level and decorate the apartment. She really helped me get over those last couple of boxes :)

Sunday, we woke up early and went snow boarding! It was so much fun (except some parts -- more to come)! My friend Ross and his friend Evan joined us. We stuck to the bunny slope while Ross and Evan went down the big hill. The place we went is where all the little kids in Anchorage go to learn how to ski and snowboard. It was adorable and amazing to see these little kids, with equally little skis FLYING down the mountain! Because I didn't know how to stop (going to sign up for lessons next week) I did not want to go up the chair lift. SO Ross and Evan did that while Kristina and I tried to find our snow legs. K and I got tired pretty quick so we took a break in the lodge. I kept waiting to see the boys come down the hill, but they never did. Finally, Ross came in the lodge and told us the Evan had tripped up on a root and broke his arm! The Ski Patrol had to bring him down. They gave him a temp brace then I drove him to the hospital. It was the most nerve racking drive EVER! Worse than when I was in the Yukon. AND unfortunately, Kristina had to cancel her snowboarding lesson which really sucked.

On Tuesday, I quit smoking. Who knows if it will stick, but I am giving it my best shot! I am trying to do some more healthful things for myself -- diet, exercise and no smoking. This isn't a new years thing -- it's totally a 30 thing. LOL.

Here are some pictures taken by one Kristina Cecere!

Ross took some pictures too. If I can ever get him to send them to me, I will put them up too.

So in closing, I had a great and eventful birthday!

Thanks to everyone who called, wrote and social networked birthday wishes to me!

Gina - you know.

Thanks to Michele for my beautiful presents. They made my day.

Kristina -- many thanks for visiting and helping me out this weekend!

Happy Birthday to my sister Mindy!

Congrats to Karen and Chuck on their baby when she decides to make her appearance!

Thanks to Karen G! And congrats on the move.

Kate and Traycee I hope y'all feel better soon.

Until next time...Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide


Seward Day, Turkey Day and Snow Day

Hi there! Last week was crazy! I went to Seward (Kenai Fjords NP)for two days, then Thanksgiving and then super snow! I have figured two things out though...snow is good because it has to be warm to snow...and I need a watch because I depend too much on the light outside to tell me what time of day it is!

I spent Thanksgiving with my boss's family. Vickie and John were very kind to have me over. The food was AWESOME and their boys are great kids. It was a nice evening.

My birthday is in two days. I don't know how I feel about it. I go back and forth between -- this is cool and this is crazy! I am excited because Kristina is coming to visit this weekend and celebrate!

After MUCH trials and some crying, I got my wireless network up and running, so now I have the interweb at home. I think my computer is sick though...there are pop-ups and the Microsoft Update won't turn on. Any thoughts out there?

The unpacking is coming along. I really need to kick it into gear because of my house guest this weekend!

Anyways, I have captioned my pictures which really tell the story. I hope you enjoy them! My last post of my twenties....see you on the other side of thirty! Until then....

Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.