"To hell with politics. Just do what's right for Alaska."

The title is a quote from my friend Ted. My friend Ted gave his farewell speech today in the Senate. He lost his election and gave his concession as well. I was hard on my friend Ted in a previous post, so I decided to post his speech here -- because hell - he worked 40 years for a state that is only 50 years old! I think most of the Alaskans are going to miss the stability of having "Uncle Ted" at the wheel.

Thanks for your hard work Ted -- tough break with the felony thing.



My Digs - Part Two Unpacking

Here is the mess I am living in ;) A few cool things happened this morning. There was an ice fog..which kinda makes the trees all frosty and white -- like a fake Christmas tree that has that white stuff on it...but only for real here ;) Then the sun came out and it snowed a little and there was an ice rainbow! It was super duper cool.

That is all for now. Savor the flavor and drink the blue kool-aide.


WashPost Horoscope

hmmmm interesting...very interesting indeed:

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21
For Monday, November 17 -Today, you need to revel in all of your greatness -- especially if you are going through a phase when you don't feel so great. Take a minute early in the day to remember all of the successes you've achieved and all of the challenges you have overcome. Reach around and pat yourself on the back. Admit that not everyone could do what you have done! Keep going down this path -- it might not be fun all of the time, but it's the right direction for you, and you know it.

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My New Digs -- Part One

On Friday, I moved into my new place. Having movers is an odd and awesome experience. It's cool that you don't have to lift anything, but weird because I felt like I wasn't helping or contributing to the effort except to mark off box numbers as they entered the apartment. I was really excited for the week prior to moving in...then once I got there and the movers left...I kinda flipped out and felt really sad. I really live in Alaska now. My bed is here, my sewing machine, my pictures...and me...we are all in Alaska. My friends and family are not in Alaska...and it's Thanksgiving...and my birthday...and Christmas...and New Years.

Don't get me wrong, the people here at work have been super amazing. My boss invited me to have dinner with his family on Friday since he knew I was in box-hell. He also let me have a dresser one of his kids were no longer using. Another co worker has invited me over for Christmas. NPS is really a family and I have a lot of support here...I guess sometimes I am still mourning the life I left. I know once I get my hold here my emotions will change. In fact, I was at Fred Meyers last night (I will have to do a whole blog about Fred Meyers) and was loading my groceries into my car and it felt normal. I know the roads now...I know how to get places...things are getting better. I just have to own it!

ANYWAYS! On a not so depressing note, I have decided to do a series of blogs entitled: My New Digs. It's mostly going to be a pictorial. Part one is my apartment empty. Tonight I will take pictures of it partially unpacked and then the final installment will be when I get everything put together.

I have to go get something to eat then get back to work.....sooooo Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue-Kool Aide.
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Snow Shoes at Target

I live in a place where snow shoes are sold at Target. A WHOLE ISLE DEVOTED TO SNOW SHOES!!! I asked an Alaskan -- ummm are these necessary everyday???? And they assured me that they are in the category of "sports equipment" not footware. This made me stop hyperventaliating!

Anyway, I went to Target to get a TV stand for my apartment which I move into TOMORROW! YAY! The target in Anchorage is super nice and new. It felt familar and comforting to be there since everthing here is so new and different.

Did I mention I am super excited about moving into MY APARTMENT! I went and got my cable, phone and interweb set up at lunch, so all I have to do is go tomorrow and pick up the equipment tomorrow.

I am going to keep this short because I am going to post a bunch of pictures of the new place this weekend.

Special Birthday Shout Out to Gina!!! Happy Birthday!

Until then....savor the flavor and drink the blue kool-aide

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T'was the Night Before the Election and All Through the Pub

People were shouting and cheering and eating some grub. The Redskins were down the Stealers in control...and I was happily licking the bottom of a brownie bowl.

All the patrons were hoping the raffle tickets would bring them luck...I was going to have a smoke when the blinding light struck!

From the doorway arose such a clatter, I stood on my bar stool to see what was the matter. Away from the door way the news reporter moved, to reveal a living legend and his happy little brood.

Okay..I can't do this anymore...you got three stanza's out of me :o)

So last night at Humpy's, Sen. Ted Stevens came into watch a little of the game and to shake hands! As you may or may not know Sen. Stevens is the one just found guilty of 7 felony charges...yes, he is still running for re-election. For more on Sen. Steven click here: The Marion Barry of Alaska

After the smoke cleared, I heard the lady next to me say holy crap! Apparently, the other Senator from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski came into the bar too! It was like the Senate floor in there! Lisa was appointed by her father to the Senate after her father left office to become the Governor! For more about Sen. Murkowski click here: Nepotism Worked For Me!

And to finish of the night with a bang....no not another member of Congress...a guy bought me a beer and we had a great conversation....guess where he lives...NOT IN ALASKA! In D.C. I can't win. LOL.

Here is my pavarazzi picture of Sen. Ted Stevens:


Last Month of My Twenties

I just realized today marks the start of the last month of my twenties! So to commemorate this event, here is a list of things I have done in my twenties:

1. I have lived in 5 states - Maryland, Tennessee, Virgina, DC and Alaska.
2. I have moved 7 times (this is counting back and forth from college as one).
3. I have had 11 roommates.
4. I have had 2 cars.
5. I have driven across country once.
6. I have had 10 different jobs/titles.
7. I have had 2 serious boyfriends and a few not so serious.
8. I got a degree in Anthropology.
9. I have been to 3 weddings and in 2 of them. More to come on the way!
10. I have downloaded 3,000 songs and have over 100 cds.
11. I have more hair colors than one can count -mostly red - but have included stripes of blonde, pink, purple and maroon.
12. I went to Disney World for Spring Break on $5.15 a hour salary.
13. I have been to the Grand Canyon and to Channel Islands.
14. I have been to over 200concerts. (A gross under approximation)
15. I got my nose pierced and two tattoos.
16. I have been white water rafting.
17. I went skiing once.
18. I have gone from no credit, to c-r-a-p-p-y credit, to alright credit.
19. I have swam in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans in the same year.
20. I have camped with Ravers, Girl Scouts and friends.
21. I played 5 seasons of kickball.
22. I played on 2 different volleyball teams.
23. I have made many crafty things.
24. I have had 2 different cell phone numbers.
25. I have gone from hotmail, to yahoo, to gmail.
26. I have started this blog twice.
27. I have payed THOUSANDS of dollars in parking tickets, but only one speeding ticket.
28. I learned how to drink, then stopped, then started again, then learned that drinking hurts when you get older so I learned the most important lesson of all - moderation.
29. I have dressed up as a paper doll for Halloween.
And Finally-
30. I moved to a place I had never been before!

Happy Halloween!

The last week has been kinda slow. I was really really sick most of the week, but today I am feeling a 100% better! I have a move in date for my apartment -- November 15! YAY and I am really really excited about it. I went out for dinner on Friday night though I was sick just to get some warm food and to get a taste of how Anchorage does Halloween. It's amazing -- it was 17 degrees at 8 PM and women were still in little short outfits. I was not. Below are pictures of some of my favorite customs I saw. The best of course being Barf from Space balls. The others below are Slash from G'N'R, Prince and Michael Phelps. Hilarious.

I also talked to my friend Kristina this weekend. She is bought a ticket to come see me the weekend after my birthday. I did warn her that it would be cold and dark, but she still wanted to come up! YAY. I am pretty excited about that :)

Today, I have a bunch of things to do at work. I am planning a big meeting, so I have a bunch of stuff running through my head I need to talk about. I guess that means back to the grind.

Hope everyones Halloween was fun!

Until next time...Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.




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