Hip-Hop-Hoh-ray! Olympic National Park

Yesterday, the awesome Allie came up from Portland to visit me! We had such a great day. We went to the Hoh Rain forest at Olympic National Park. I took a million pictures, but am unable to upload them right now. I will edit and put a slide show up soon.

Last night, tragedy stuck! Pacer -- jumped out of the car...he broke his base. We rushed him to the ACE hardware store hospital and got him some plastic surgery. He is on the mend. Please say a small prayer for our international super star as he mends!

I am on my way to Bellingham, WA today to catch the Ferry to Haines, AK. I am unsure if I will have Internet (pretty sure I won't) and cell service is also questionable. I will be on the boat from tonight until Monday afternoon. I will send out a text message before I board and when I get off the boat.

Next stop Alaska!

Here are the pictures from this AMAZING day:

Until then...Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.


I made it! Washington State!

Well yesterday, I pulled into the Seattle area. I have made it completely across the country!!! I went to Cabellas because the genius that I am packed and shipped my winter coat and fleece! Oh well, I got some great deals. I will post pictures later tonight. Today, my bff from Portland is coming up to visit with me. We are going to go to Olympic NP! I am really excited.

Sorry for the short post, but I will flesh this one out later.

Here are the pictures from this day:

Until then...Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.


Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho, and Washington - Oh My

Today I took off from Mammoth Springs in Yellowstone. I woke to frost on my car!!! Also, while I waited for the visitor center to open so I could get my stamp (Yes, Kristen and Justine I have mad stamps now!) a stupid tourist was taking pictures of the elk -- that are in rut. When elk are in rut they are very dangerous. So this idiot gets in his car to watch two bull elk fight for a minute...then they break it up and one starts eating grass near the tourions car...well the dude uses a FLASH at the bull elk -- so the elk takes his big horns and head butts the car!!! It was crazy!!! Dumb tourion! In other news...It was super cold out this AM and I traveled through the famous Roosevelt Arch which if you don't know is an important icon in Park Service culture.

I traveled through the beautiful state of Montana today. My breath was taken away a few times by the absolute enormity of the sky. They don't call it big sky country for nothing!!! I went up and down mountains all day. Then I entered Idaho for a brief period...more of the same with more trees! I could really feel like I was moving into the Pacific Northwest. I crossed over into Pacific Time when I entered Washington State. I settled into my hotel around 330 PST. I started blogging and went to eat dinner. Right now I am pretty tired, but feel a sense of accomplishment as I have finally gotten across the country...all I have to do now is drive across one state!!! Tomorrow is Olympia. I hope to meet up with my friend Allison that lives in Portland. Stay tuned.

Here are they pictures from today:

Non-Kerouacian thoughts:

1. Being in a place that was so big like Montana made me feel very small.

2. I am getting really nervous about living in Anchorage.

3. I think everyone should drive across country at least once in their life.
4. NO speed limit is even better than 75!!!


1. Finally finished The Host by Stephenie Meyer

2. Started on Into the Wild -- might not keep listening to this one right now...it's kinda scaring me.
Until tomorrow -- Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.

Mecca - The First National Park - Yellowstone

People at work will understand the veiled sarcasm in the title of this post. However, after seeing it for myself...well the park has reason to brag. I entered the park from the East Entrance and traveled my way up to Mammoth Springs area near the North entrance. On the way I saw the West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake where there were a bunch of thermal features, Old Faithful, Artist Paint Pots and some of the Canyon area. I could have been there for days, but I had to keep moving in order to get to Mammoth Springs before dark.

There was one really funny story that came out of the day besides the bison-jams that I frequently experienced (this is when all tourist stop their cars in the road to look at bison) and running out of batteries in my camera JUST as I entered the park... While at Old Faithful, I took Pacer out to take a pictures...it's Old Faithful...I had to get a gnome picture. The first group of tourist thought this was hilarious that I had a gnome with me. I should have known then that Pacer was a star! The ranger took a picture with him as you see at the top of the post! One gentleman asked me all sorts of questions about Pacer and then requested I pose for a picture with Pacer for him! So yup, Pacer and I are in some family "Yellowstone Trip" album somewhere! The geyser when off as it was supposed to and people started to disperse. I figured I should try and get one more picture with Pacer and Old Faithful before trying to get some grub. I put Pacer down and people started walking by and laughing. Before I knew it, people were requesting pictures with Pacer!!! Like 4 different groups of pictures! Pacer is an international SUPA-STAR!!!!
After the mob died down, I grabbed a sandwich at the Old Faithful Inn. I have always wanted to go there -- it was so incredibly cool. I arrived 3 minutes after the shut the dinner room down for lunch, so I was a little disappointed; however, just being there was good enough.
At the end of the day, I met my friend Karen up at Mammoth Springs as she was there on business. We had dinner with other Park Service peeps. She was nice enough to share her cabin with me so I didn't have to drive to Livingstone that night. That was super cool. The elk were in rut and ALL over the place....but that is a story for tomorrow's post!!!
Here are my pictures from the day...I hope you enjoy them!
Non-Keroucian thoughts of the day:
1. Working for the Park Service is pretty cool.
2. I was an avid Disney Channel kid, so being in Yellowstone felt vaguely familiar -- almost like childhood. My favorite Disney cartoon was of the Ranger and the bears picking up trash in the park.
3. I am SO glad I met up with Karen!
4. The fire damage at the East Entrance actually made me cry. All those trees!!! But then you could see the forest coming back...I guess if it doesn't kill you -- it only makes you stronger.
1. The Host by Stephenie Meyers
2. The Bravery -- The Moon
3. Yellowstone...
Until the next post...Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.

Wyoming - Why Not?

Sorry for the delay in posting. I was without Internet connection for the past two days. It was kinda a good thing since, I had no idea what really to post about Wyoming. The pictures really speak for themselves. No real stories to tell as I drove from Hill City, SD to Cody, WY. Just beautiful scenery really. So, I am just going to put up a bunch of pictures to mark September 21, 2008

Non-Kerouacian revelations:

1. Wyoming is really pretty.

2. My car kicks ASS on mountains! YAY V-6.

3. I hope this December is fun.

4. 75...now that's a speed limit!!!


1. The Host by Stephanie Meyer

Until then the next post...Savor the Flavor and drink the Blue Kool Aide.


South Dakota is My Favorite Dakota!

Strictly speaking, it's the only Dakota I have ever been to, but I don't know how South Dakota's brother to the north could hold a candle to the amazing things I have seen today.
The landscapes and people of South Dakota are amazing. The land went from completely flat to mountains in a matter of hours. It was cool how the farmers are preparing the fields for fall. Taking in the hay...I mean I have seen hay bales before...I did grow up in Frederick, MD. But no so many stretching for miles....
At some points the land looked like someone took a patch work quilt and laid it over top a down comforter...the bumps and dips were so subtle and very beautiful. None of the pictures I took today of the land captured what it actually looks like to be able to see for 50 miles with nothing between you and the horizon. It was incredible.
I had turned off the side of the road to take the hay bale picture. While I was taking the picture, a cowboy in a red pick-up stopped behind me to make sure I was okay. He didn't get out of the truck, when I nodded to him that I was okay he yelled for me to have a safe journey and went on his way. I also meet these sisters at a rest stop from Kentucky. They were hilarious. They couldn't believe I was driving to Alaska. I saw them again when I got to the famous Wall Drug. We sat and had a coke and they told me about their trip they were taking.
I have a thing about buying a piece of jewelry from places that really touch me -- if I have the means to do so that is....South Dakota has really fit the bill. So while I was at Wall Drug, I went into their jewelry store to see what they had. I got this beautiful ring. I LOVE IT. But that isn't really the point...they point is the lady who sold me the ring was retired Park Service and we know a bunch of the same people. It was kinda neat. Also at Wall Drug, I met this lady who used to go to the 930 club back in the day....we talked about the DC scene and all that stuff. She is moving to New Mexico in a few weeks. As I left she said..."Hey, If it doesn't work out for us...see you on the road home!"
I feel like I stopped a million times today...at a rest stop....at a scenic over look...at Wall Drug and at Mt. Rushmore. I really got to experience this lovely state. I actually think I could live here if I got a job at Rushmore or Badlands....I don't know...I think I would miss the ocean too much.
Mt. Rushmore was pretty freakin' rad. I mean there isn't much to say...it's a kinda gotta see it type thing. Though I was taking a picture....appropriately standing in awe and all that and I hear a little girl scream -- SCREAM ---
Of course, everyone is now looking at the girl with purple hair. So I go up to the little girl and say hi. Her mom informed me that the little girl has been begging for purple hair, but she had told her she had to wait until she was older. I then informed the girl that yes, purple hair was WAY cooler to have when you are older. That when you have such pretty blond hair...it's would ruin it to make it purple -- but when she is older and starts to go grey -- she should go for it. The girl kinda shook her head in agreement. I think her mom was grateful that the girl with purple hair told the little girl to wait too.
Anyways, I will conclude this amazing day's blog with a picture of a shirt I got at Wall Drug some pictures of Pacer, and a wildlife photography moment.
Just Trippin' with my Gnomes!
Pacer enjoying the land at a rest stop.
Pacer chillazin' at the infamous Wall Drug.
Pacer with Mt. Rushmore in the background.
Wildlife photo of the day: Goat as I was leaving Rushmore.
Not so Kerouac-ian feelings for today:
1. This is corny as hell...but all day I was thinkin damn my country is beautiful.
2. I realized today this trip is the pinnaclel experience of my 20's and that rocks.
3. I realized today that I was lonely...I am experiencing all these amazing things...I wish I had someone to share it with. The blog helps though.
4. Taking pictures of a Gnome on your trip IS really a lot of fun
5. I realized this trip is one way and I am not going back "home."
1. The Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control
2. The Host - Stephanie Meyer -- Chapter 18.
Until tomorrow -- Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Cool-Aide.



Heehee. I loved "That 70s Show"

Today I took off from the land of Oprah and headed to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I got to pass through Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Pacer enjoying a morning bagle

Wisconsin was pretty cool -- The land of Dairy! Unfortunately, I forgot that until I got to Minnesota -- so alas no dairy was had. I don't even really remember seeing any cows. Just a lot of corn -- TONS of corn.

As I was driving, I noticed my iPod was loosing juice at an alarming rate - so I stopped at Walmart and got a car charger/player!

At the Mac and Don's Family restaurant - the drive thru girl thought my hair was cool! Take that Indiana!

Also Wisconsin, I noticed two MORE things --

One: My car was filthy!!!
So I stopped and got my car cleaned!

Two: My freckles are in full force!
So I....ummm...can't do anything about that.

Minnesota was beautiful.

I stopped off right across the state line to look at the Mississippi River. I used to live next to this river, but it looked so different this far up stream. There were some dams and locks up river.

The fields on the side of the road were awesome. Please excuse my lack of agriculture/horticulture-al knowledge, but there were these yellow plants with little red flex. Seas of yellow and green. It was amazing.

Also, I came across a wind mill field. It was rad. The were ultra modern and looked like thewere put there by aliens. This observation could be explained by the late hour in the day however!

I finally crossed over the line to South Dakota around 6:30 PM this evening to stop for the night. I am only about 30 miles in to South Dakota, but have already seen people in prairie garb and a cowboy. yeeehaw!Anyways, I am getting pretty sleepy. Early day tomorrow so I can get to Mt Rushmore!!!! So with out further adieu...

My not so Kerouac-ian observations for today:
1. Taking pictures while driving a car is hazardous -- but fun.
2. The blue tooth thingy is a good invention too.
3. Must remember to not drink so much coffee in the AM as rest stops are getting farther and father apart
4. Great thoughts can be thought when one only has a Gnome to conversate with
5. Driving by yourself does have benefits -- you can sing off key loudly, stop when you want and listen to whatever you want to on the radio.

OH! For those of you waiting for with anticipation....Katie and Boyd DID fall in love...and Anthony was her father-- Scandalous!

Playlist for today:
1. end of romance novel
2. Biffy Clyro -- The Vertigo of Bliss
3. Mixed Good Bye CDs by me and by others
4. The Kooks- Inside In/Inside Out
5. Novel: The Host by Stephanie Meyers to Chapter 4

Okay...sleepy time. Until Next Time..

Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.


I am no Jack Kerouac....

(Is it weird to anyone else that I only write on this blog when I am moving???? Anymove...on with show...)

Today was my first exciting day "On the Road" and well....it was pretty non-eventful. I woke up...got in my car....and drove off.

Left West Virginia...now in Chicago.

Welcome to Pennsilvana

Welcome to Ohio

The Gnome examining the map of Ohio

With my trusty Gnome by my side, courtesy of Traycee Tab, I traversed the mid-west. But something bugged me...not that I was talking and singing to a gnome...nah if you know me...you know that doesn't bother me...he did not have a name! For 499 miles, I contemplated, trying to draw inspiration from what was around me. Then at a rest stop in Indiana, the angels sang and a single beam of light rained down from the heavens to illuminate a truck...the truck that would bare his name...

Pacer Stacktrain!

During the day Pacer and I mostly just kinda chillaxed....

Listened to a Romance novel on my iPod and boogied. Though at one exciting point my iPod battery died and I was left wondering if Katie and Boyd were ever going to be in love...Was Anthony her father?!?!?! Pacer agreed with me these questions need to have answers! So in a stroke of genius, I remembered I had this lap top...so I turned it on and plugged my iPod into the lap top. You see I figured I could get through one day on the iPod battery and plug it up every night....well...you see...I was wrong. Figurin' has always been my weak suit. ANYWAYS. In a mere 30 minutes we were again entangled in the story. Tomorrow the exciting conclusion!!!

Another exciting time, I pulled away from the gas pump and forgot to put the cap back on...

But I figured it out not even .1 mile down the road so it was all good.

Okay well I am getting tired...so here are my not so Kerouac-ian enlightenment's for the day...

1. People of the mid-west do not know how to react to a polite, 29 year old woman...with purple hair...

2. Cruise control might just be the best invention man has ever invented

3. 55/65 is not an appropriate speed limit ever!

4. You can actually play Stockholm Syndrome by the Muse too loud -- previously thought impossible

5. There is a place in this country called Michi-ana.

WAIT! You maybe wondering...umm..Cupples/Jamie/James/Red/Little Kid whichever you call me...ummm there are tags for pictures...but no pictures...what gives?

Well my good friends and family...I am on a &R$^#&$# government laptop and they made it so I can not upload any new programs to my computer...including my software for my camera...so I cant get the pictures off the camera and into the computer without having administrative rights. YES, it sucks monkey balls...I agree! I will try and get that corrected tomorrow. Until then....


Savor the Flavor and Drink the Blue Kool-Aide.